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Real-Time PCR – Made in Germany. From IVD raw materials to Pathogen Detection Kits and complete solutions, BIORON Diagnostics has the perfect product set up for your PCR Laboratory.

About us

Real-Time PCR – Made in Germany.
Founded in 2010 BIORON Diagnostics is a manufacturer and worldwide acting trader of molecular diagnostic products based on Real-Time PCR.

From IVD raw materials to Pathogen Detection Kits to complete solutions (including Extraction Automates and Real-Time Cyclers), BIORON Diagnostics has the perfect product set up for your PCR Laboratory.

BIORON Diagnostics GmbH
In den Rauhweiden 20
67354 Römerberg

Phone: +49 6232 298440
Fax: +49 6232 2984429

Contact person

Barbara Hassib
Managing Director
Phone: +49 6232 298440
Dr. Marlen Görlacher
International Sales & Support
Phone: +49 6232 298440

Products & Services

Anything you need for the detection of bacterial and viral infections by Real-Time PCR

BIORON Diagnostics Germany offers various kits for the isolation of DNA and RNA from different kinds of samples: plasma, serum, swabs, urine, food, bacteria etc.

DNA and RNA Extraction:
• RealLine DNA Express - fast and easy, you need only 15 minutes and a heating block
• Automated extraction systems (DNA and RNA)

RealLine Pathogen Detection:
• Kits for the detection of STI, HHV, HPV, Tick borne and others.
• Lyophilised – can be transported at room temperature.
• Prefilled Ready-to-Use Master Mix
• Fast & easy to use – minimal hands-on time

• Quantitative detection of Hepatitis (B, C and D)
RealLine Pathogen Detection Kits

Single and multiplex Real-Time PCR Kits from BIORON Diagnostics.
All RealLine Kits work under the same Protocol and include a Positive Control
Pathogen Overview:
• Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)– detect only what is really needed!
• Genotyping of 12 different Human Papilloma Viruses
• Tick Borne Infections from clinical samples and Ticks!

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Roboscreen GmbH – Molecular Diagnostic Products

Nucleic acid extraction
- CE-IvD marked extraction of viral RNA & DNA
- Manual and automated solutions for low as well as high throughput laboratories
Viral Pathogen Diagnostic Kits
- Real-Time PCR based CE-IvD marked diagnostic kits for HCV RNA, HBV DNA and HDV RNA quantification
- Precise. Reliable. Highly Sensitive.
Biomarker Profiling for neurodegenerative diseases
- ELISAs, Antibodies and Proteins – unique and ultra-sensitive
- Enabling categorization of different neurodegenerative diseases

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RealLine Cycler

BIORONs Real-Time PCR device for your lab!
Our RealLine Cycler for any kind of Real-Time PCR assays are available with four different configurations. Our cyclers can be ordered with 4 or 5 detection channels (FAM (470 nm – 525 nm), HEX (532 nm – 570 nm), ROX (585 nm – 633 nm), Cy5 (633 nm – 670 nm) and optional in the 48-5 and 96-5 model Cy5.5 (690 nm – 750 nm)). All our cycler are suitable for research labs or high sample throughput applications in diagnostic approaches.

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