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About us

STERAMEDIG is a designing, producing and distributing medical company Our field is to treat infections and diseases with targeted electric pulsations similar to the traditional TENS therapy. We provide specific electric pulsations on chip cards with low tension for TENS devices BW 21 and Vegetmed manufactured by Institute Dr. Rilling. The German OB/GYN physician Dr. S. Rastocny, developed the Targeted Frequency Treatment (TFT) to treat infections without antibiotics. Since medicine is facing an increasing incidence with multi resistant bacterial infections this treatment is a milestone for future medicine. We offer solutions for the treatment of infections where antibiotic treatment is not indicated or not effective.

More than 30.000 treatments have been done successfully on more than 3000 patients. Individual solutions for specific health issues can be delivered. We also offer counseling services for medical institutions, countries and governments.

Products and services

We offer preprogrammed chip cards with frequencies against more than 120 bacteria, viruses, funghi and parasites. This includes multi resistant and tropical bacteria, neuro-pathogenic, tropical and hepatitis viruses, nervous system parasites, nine malaria parasites. Pathologies as Multiple Sclerosis, dysmenorrhea, bladder irritation, macular degener., depression dementia and upper abdomen pain caused by helicobacter pylori, jejunii and eurytrema pancreatic.

The treatment with targeted frequencies is being delivered by "Vegetmed" and "BW 21" frequency generators manufactured by the "Institute Dr. Rilling GmbH". The named devices have EC approval for medical use. TFT is easy and cost effective since the applied frequencies can be applied infinitely often and one TENS device can be used for several patients with a wide variety of frequencies for over 120 different bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. The devices require a 9 V rechargeable batteries. Individual solutions for specific health issues or infections can be delivered.

Chip cards with targeted frequencies

Chip cards with targeted frequencies

Targeted frequencies can be used for a variety of infections and diseases caused by infectious germs. The therapist can choose in the menu of the chip card which infection should be treated


Steramedig GmbH
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55411 Bingen

Phone: +49 6721 154024
Fax: +49 6721 154438

Stefan Rastocny
Phone: +49 175 8880671

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