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The family business still maintains its Head Office in Coesfeld, Westphalia, just as it has for over 145 years. This is where the international business is coordinated with representatives in over 20 countries. Hupfer sells its products in more than 60 different countries.

Sterile goods logistics – Hupfer links it together
Regardless of whether dozens or even hundreds of instruments are transported between the operating theatre and the reprocessing unit for medical devices each hour, uninterrupted process chains are essential to safe hygiene in instrument management. The range of products offered by Hupfer, a German company, covers the entire workflow within the sterile goods cycle, ensuring that all six logistics areas – sorting, packaging, arrangement, transportation, storage and distribution – flow together seamlessly.

Hupfer also provides comprehensive consultation regarding sterile goods processes and helps customers to optimise their processes, even in connection with other manufacturers.

Products and services

The Hupfer KÄNGURUH-SYSTEM® provides an intelligent and reliable solution for smooth transportation, distribution and storage of sterile goods within the sterile goods cycle. The perfectly matched individual components of the system mean that sterile and non-sterile regions are safely and consistently separated within the sterilisation operation.

Hupfer immersion trays, immersion baskets and cleaning baskets make a decisive contribution to maximising tidiness and a clear overview and to simplifying the work flow.

The Medidul shelving unit is designed for the storage and provision of sterile goods. In StU or ISO dimensions, sterile goods are stored individually in soft packaging and baskets or in containers on L- or U-rails.

Case Carts STWS carry the instruments and consumables required during a complete surgical procedure. They ensure that sterile goods are transported hygienically even through non-clean areas. They can also be used in an optimum manner as mobile storage cupboards.
Case Carts STWS

Case Carts STWS

Hupfer once again sets the standards for quality, versatility and ergonomics with its new line of case cart. In terms of materials, fittings and finish, the stainless steel case carts have been rigorously designed to comply with the stringent requirements of everyday hospital procedures.They are suitable both for hygienic storage and for transporting sterile instruments and consumables for an entire operation.

Easy Rider System

Easy Rider System

It is not always possible to simply increase the size of premises when storage capacity limits have been reached. The easy rider system from Hupfer provides the answer to this problem as there are no superfluous corridors between the shelving units. In this way, storage capacity can be increased by up to 100 % compared with a conventional shelf system - within the same space.



With its numerous advantages the Hupfer KÄNGURUH-SYSTEM® provides the technical assistance necessary to make the sterile goods cycle run more smoothly. When it is integrated into the process chain encompassing the whole area of sterile goods logistics, it clearly optimises the working process and therefore has a positive influence on efficiency and performance. The individual components are tailored to each other that the strict separation of sterile and non-sterile areas cannot be breached.


Hupfer Metallwerke GmbH & Co. KG
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